Werk Workday Style

Werk Workday Style

Gone are the days of business professional attire that’s, may I say, BLAH! We, women, live during a time when we can show our personality in professional environments with the strictest of dress codes.

Button-ups, a workday fashion staple, are now available in vibrant and subtle colors and patterns. Frank & Eileen button-ups are a favorite of mine because they’re classic in style, versatile, and offered in a variety of colors and patterns. This look features a Frank & Eileen gray and white gingham button-up that’s 100% cotton and PERFECT for colder-weather months because it has a heavier feel.

Frank & Eileen button-up

Frank & Eileen Brand Highlights: Fabric’s woven in Italy. Button-ups are made in California.

Trousers have also gotten an upgrade. This look features a pair by the Reformation that has tassels on the hems. If you want a pair of business professional trousers with a twist, the Reformation has an AWESOME selection! Here’s a similar style with ruffled hems.

Reformation trousers, Yakutti bag, and Barneys New York heels

Reformation Brand Highlights: Manufactures in small batches in L.A and throughout the U.S. Uses vintage materials and sustainable fabrics to manufacture garments.  

Another way to show your personality at work is through your bag. My forest green Chic Shega bucket bag  from Yakutti is perfect for my workday because it has a refined bohemian look – totally my style – and is large enough to carry my workday essentials and iPad, which has the latest books I’m reading.

Chic Shega bucket bag from Yakutti, Frank & Eileen button-up, Reformation trousers, Barneys New York heels

Chic Shega Brand Highlights: Products handcrafted in Ethiopia using environmentally-friendly and fair-trade practices.

Yakutti Brand Highlights: An online boutique that sells artisan-made goods. Earn shopping credits that give you access to member pricing and up to 50% off on exclusive collections by creating a member account, posting style photos, and publishing style content on your Yakutti account. 

Deciding what shoes to wear is  extremely important when putting together your workday outfit. No one wants to find themselves bandaging up their poor toes and heels because their uncomfortable – yet, probably adorable – shoes are tearing apart their feet! Be picky about the workday shoes you invest in because you CAN find flats, booties, and heels that are comfortable and stylish. I could wear my Barneys New York black heels for hours! You can find similar styles here and here.

Frank & Eileen button-up, Reformation trousers, Chic Shega bucket bag, Barneys New York heels

Barneys New York Brand Highlight: Made in Italy. 

Always remember, authenticity in the way you dress for work is the easiest and quickest way to feel comfortable and confident. Now, go conquer your workday!

With a lot of heart,


P.S. My sincerest gratitude to Yakutti for gifting me the beautiful Chic Shega bag! The opinions I’ve shared are my own.

Valentine’s Day Outfit Part I

Valentine’s Day Outfit Part I

Gift? Check.

Daytime activity? Check

Dinner reservation? Check.

Outfit? Ummmmmmmmm…

Valentine’s Day is such a special time. How fun it is to be with someone you care about enjoying an activity you both love doing or even trying something new.

But, as a gal who LOVES fashion and dressing up, Valentine’s Day is a perfect reason to have some fun in my closet.

In honor of Valentine’s day, each week I’ll post an outfit idea to inspire you. Whether you’re dining at a high-end seafood restaurant or casual pizzeria, I’ve got you covered.

When I get dressed, I pinpoint the one item-a skirt, blouse, necklace, shoes, etc.- I want the rest of my outfit to work around. The skirt was definitely that item.

Since it’s so cold here in Chicago, I opted for the geo-print ICB blazer, which can be worn under a winter jacket when in transit to your dinner. Since the blazer is very colorful, I knew I wanted to keep my accessories-bag, shoes, and scarf-a single color. If I had a pair of maroon shoes, I definitely would’ve worn those over the nude. But, my nude heels have a pink hue, so they went nicely with the skirt and scarf. This outfit is perfect for a night at a high-end steakhouse.

Click to learn about this outfit on Hippie and Heart!

Click to learn about this outfit on Hippie and Heart!

So, when planning your Valentine’s Day outfit:

  1. Find the one item you want the rest of your outfit to work around.
  2. Choose colors that work together.
  3. Have fun!

Click to learn about this outfit on Hippie and Heart!

Click to learn about this outfit on Hippie and Heart!

With a lot of heart,


Outfit Deets: Blazer by ICB. Skirt by Eva Franco. Shoes by Manolo Blahnik. Bag by Rebecca Minkoff. Scarf by Club Monaco.

Photography by Alexanna Cox.