Layering is a Lifestyle

As someone who tries her best to maintain a minimalist closet – click here to read about my journey throughout creating a minimalist closet and my fears during the process – layering has become my new best friend. Layering is a way to create entirely new looks by styling your clothes in fun and inventive ways.

Steps to Layering:

  1. Create your canvas
    • Imagine you’re a masterpiece in the making. Choose a canvas that speaks to you. It could be a printed dress or a pair of wide-legged crop pants and a tee.
  2. Layer
    • Grab a sweater, light jacket, blouse, etc. This time of year is perfect for practicing layering because you’re not only creating fashionable looks but feeling cozy, too!
  3. Accessorize
    • Add a scarf, necklace, belt, Panama┬áhat, etc. I’m a believer that you can never over accessorize. Heck, add an infinity scarf over a long necklace!

Use this opportunity to tap into your creative side.

Funny side note: While I was putting together this look, my Free People necklace broke! This is the second time this has happened, so I’m taking this as a sign from the Universe that this Free People┬ánecklace needs to find another loving home. But, when one door closes another one soon opens. And, my Just The 2 Of Us necklace was the perfect replacement!

From left to right: Tights by PACT. Boots by FRYE. Sweater by Everlane. Necklace by Free People. Dress by MIMU MAXI.
Swapped out the broken Free People necklace for my Just The 2 Of Us one!

With a lot of heart,



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