In A Style Slump

There I go, again, throwing on a sweater, pair of jeans, and leather boots. It’s been weeks, and I’m still putting together the same look. I’ve hit a style slump!

We’ve all been there – wearing the same type of outfit over and over again because it’s easy, comfortable, and somewhat stylish.

But, my other tops, skirts, and dresses stowed away in my closet are being neglected and waiting ever so patiently to be worn. So, I say “see you later” to my favorite combo and embrace a skirt and pair of booties I haven’t seen in quite some time.

It feels great to welcome back old friends.

From left to right: Booties by Free People. Choker by Ways Of Change. Earrings and ring by Baizaar. Top by Brandy Melville. Skirt by Eva Franco. Tights by PACT.

With a lot of heart,



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