A Minimalist Closet

Putting together outfits has become a breeze! All I need is about 3 minutes and, boom, I’m out the door. Though it was a labor of love, I used to spend about 10 minutes putting together looks. How did I cut that time by 7 minutes? The answer – creating a minimalist closet!

Let’s discuss what is a minimalist closet. According to Anuschka Rees in this mindbodygreen article, “Try to think of your closet as an exclusive, members-only club. Only pieces that you love and are truly excited to wear get an invite.” 

To transform your closet into a certified minimalist one, go through each article of clothing and ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?” If the answer is no, toss it. If the answer is yes, keep it. It’s that easy! The beauty of a minimalist closet is that you’ll always feel confident in the clothes you wear because you wholeheartedly love them!

Another perk of converting to a minimalist closet is that it’s cost effective. When you become pickier about the clothes you buy, you save money! And, who doesn’t love saving money?

Since I don’t have as many clothes as before, I’ve become more creative in putting my outfits together. Take this look as an example. I’ve worn my Frank & Eileen button-down with my J.Crew pants many times (maybe, too many). So, to create a different look, I added my mi ami sleavless sweater from francesca’s. It’s as easy as that!

As a friendly warning, you might feel panic while getting rid of your clothes that no longer bring you joy because you might be thinking:

A) I’m not going to have any clothes to wear!

Yes, you will! You’ll use your creativity to put outfits together. Let’s say you get rid of all your jean shorts because they no longer bring you joy. Purchase another pair that you can’t see yourself without and that you intend to have for years. Every time you wear them, they’ll bring you joy!

B) But, I got that shirt from a trip/event/concert!

When you hold it, does it bring you joy? If not, toss it. If it does, keep it! I went on an incredible trip to Israel and purchased a t-shirt to remember my experience. But, I NEVER wore it. When I converted my closet, I looked at the t-shirt for a couple moments and came to realize that the t-shirt wasn’t bringing me joy. What was? The photos I took and a piece of artwork made by an Israeli artist hanging on my wall. So, I donated my t-shirt to free up space for the things I love.

C) I feel so wasteful for getting rid of all these clothes!

Have you heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It’s true! The overalls you thought you’d wear, but rarely ever touch and never quite feel yourself in are going to be someone else’s favorite thing in his or her closet! Bring your clothes to a donation center, thrift store, or resale shop, so someone else can enjoy them. : )

I had these fears (plus more), too! But, once I cleaned out my closet, I felt less stressed. My morning routine has become quicker, more of my time is now dedicated to my passions, and I’ve had a good outfit day ever since!


With a lot of heart,


Outfit Credits: Sunglasses by Ray-Ban; jacket by J.Crew; shoes by Superga

Photography by Ali Stone


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