Knots and Flares for Craft and Art Fairs

After spending a day enjoying the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago,  I’ve been on a craft fair high! Craft and art fairs are the perfect places to purchase fashion and home decor made in small batches – meaning, not many people will have your findings! Plus, much of the merchandise is either locally or USA-made. Since I love spending a day at a craft fair, I wanted to put together an outfit ideal for one!

You want to feel comfortable and confident while perusing craft fair goodies. These Just Black high-rise flare jeans are super stretchy and give off a laidback 1970s vibe. I found these jeans while shopping with my dad (who’s one of my fav. shopping buddies, BTW!) at E Street Denim, a boutique with a location in Highland Park, IL. One of my favorite details of the jeans are the front flat pockets.


Just Black Brand Highlight: Made in the USA.

After purchasing the high-rise flare jeans, I was in pursuit for tops to pair with them. Lo and behold, one one of my favorite brands MIMU MAXI recently released a new blouse! The new blouse is called the Way Top because it can be worn in SO MANY WAYS! There are slits along the side seams, so you can tuck the front half into a skirt or pants, tie the front half into a knot, or leave it as is! For this look, I’ve tied the front half into a knot to highlight the jean’s front pockets.


MIMU MAXI Brand Highlights: Founded by sister-in-laws. Made in New York City.

When going to a craft or art fair, make sure to wear comfortable shoes! I’m wearing easy-to-wear Free People booties . To add a pop of color to this monochromatic look, I’ve added this neon statement necklace by WorldFinds. You can find  local retailers that sell WorldFinds by clicking on this link. I wear a watch almost every day and wearing my Shinola watch with this strap.



WorldFinds Brand Highlights: Handmade and fair trade. 

Shinola Brand Highlights: Made in Detroit, MI. 

C. Alexandria Brand Highlights: Handmade in Madison, WI.

I hope you’ve found outfit inspiration from this week’s blog post. Now, time to find the next craft fair to attend!

With a lot of heart,




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