My Journey Toward Conscious Consumerism

Recently, my FAVORITE boutique in Chicago Greenheart Shop asked if I’d like to be their guest blogger! Excitedly,  I took this opportunity to explain how I became the conscious consumer I am today. Below is the post that is featured on the Greenheart Shop Blog.

During a family vacation in Hawaii, I was sunbathing by the pool when my mom struck up a conversation with a fellow hotel guest. This hotel guest explained how her daughter, who was a high school student at the time, had created a fashion blog. My ears perked up. I absolutely loved that a teenager began a blog out of pure passion for a topic such as fashion – something I also love.

This conversation stuck with me. Then, a few months later, while taking classes in Fashion Studies at Columbia College Chicago, I was learning about the environmental and humanitarian issues within the fashion industry. I NEVER thought about where my clothes were coming from and who was making them. Why would I? I never thought the brands I loved would manufacture their clothes in unethical ways. Thankfully, I had the most knowledgeable professors at CCC who taught me about the not-so-glamorous side of the industry. It was left up to us students to decide if we’d help amend this industry we love so dearly. I decided to do something about it.

My monthly – okay weekly – visits to my favorite department stores weren’t as enjoyable as before now that I knew the hidden truths about the industry. I would investigate the garment tags of potential purchases to see where they were made. Basically, if the tag didn’t read “Made in USA,” I wouldn’t buy it. I used to LOVE shopping, but then it became a dread. I needed to find clothes that were both beautiful and made by brands that were environmentally and socially responsible.

While searching online for eco-friendly stores in Chicago, I came across Greenheart Shop. After clicking through the boutique’s website, I was filled with excitement and anticipation to visit . The moment I walked in, it felt enchanting and inviting. The clothes and accessories were fashionable, the home goods had a touch of exotic, and the body care products were made with mostly natural ingredients.

I. Was. Hooked.

After learning about, visiting, and loving this boutique, I couldn’t contain the news (well, news to me) that there are brands that make stylish clothes and accessories environmentally and socially responsibly. But, how would I let other fashionistas know what I’d learned? Since that conversation in Hawaii, I’d wanted to create a fashion blog, but, up until that point, I didn’t have a direction for it. This was it! I would create a fashion blog highlighting brands and boutiques that aligned with my ethics.

Today, I’m the founder of, where I promote brands that are creating products ethically and the boutiques that are selling them. Greenheart Shop has been invaluable with helping me discover brands I can trust. Because of Greenheart Shop, shopping’s no longer a dreaded necessity, but an empowering, motivating, and, most of all, fun experience!

Some of my favorite purchases from Greenheart Shop:

Raven + Lily was one of the first responsible brands I fell in love with. I wear this blouse almost once a week!
I’m a sucker for anything celestial. I’m always getting compliments on this Milky Way themed ring from Roost.
Living in a city, I try to surround myself with images of nature. That’s why I love this butterfly poster by Timbergram.

With a lot of heart,



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