You’re Glowing!

You’re Glowing!

Spring has been living up to its expectations here in Chicago. April and May have been chilly, rainy, and cloudy. Though I love a good rain storm and cloudy day, I’m looking forward to sunshine filled days laying out on North Avenue beach, boating on Lake Michigan, and enjoying the outdoor markets.

Now that the warm weather is on its way, it’s time to  procure the perfect sunny day skincare regimen!

While searching Urban Outfitters’ beauty department for an all natural body serum that would give me a natural looking glow, I spotted The Glow Illuminating Body Serum by Plantfolk Apothecary last summer.

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Image from Urban Outfitters’ Website

Plantfolk Apothecary The Glow Illuminating Body Serum • Urban Outfitters • $24

Now, this serum is a summer staple of mine! The macadamia scented serum smells warm and inviting and gives a healthy natural glow. Plus, it’s moisturizing and made from only natural ingredients.

To apply this shimmering serum, I pat my skin dry post shower. Then, I apply nickel-sized amounts of the serum all over my body. After, I have glowing skin that’s ready for any summertime adventure!

With a lot of heart and body shimmer,




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