Love My Scrub (a Dub Dub)

Earth Day is April 22, only nine days away! As you know, in honor of Earth Day, I’ll be focusing most of my posts during the month of April on fashion and beauty products that are Mother Nature approved.

Today, I’m talking about my new favorite all-natural body scrub Love My Scrub. Since I try my best to use skin care products that are made with only natural ingredients and am obsessed with coffee, me and this all-natural coffee scented scrub are truly a love story.

Love My Scrub

The scrub ingredients are simple! It’s made from coffee beans, olive oil, grape seed oil, and jojoba oil and perfect for exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.

Love My Scrub

For me, using a scrub is the perfect way to start the week- I scrub away the dance filled nights with dear friends to welcome in a productive and fulfilling workweek. Each Monday morning, I wash my skin with my daily body wash, rinse, and then softly rub the scrub into my moist skin, while thinking about the positive characteristics I’d like to bring to my workweek. After, I rinse off the scrub.

I’m always amazed at the softness of my skin from using Love My Scrub!

With a lot of heart and coffee scented skin,




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