Patriotic Purchases: Q & A With Founder of USINMADE

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” – Elmer Davis

It inspires me when I learn stories about women who turn their passions into businesses. And, Anne Baghramian is one of those women.

Anne turned her passion of purchasing products made in the USA into an e-commerce! I was so fortunate to be able to speak with Anne via email about her company and passion for American made fashion. 

American Flag
Image from USINMADE Instagram.

Carly: Anne, tell us what’s USINMADE?

Anne: is a website featuring a curated assortment of what, is in my view, the best products Made in the USA or Made in the USA of imported materials. It’s a resource for information about the Made in USA movement as well as a blog about things that I find interesting and relevant in the industry, in our personal lives, and beyond.

 C: What can we find on your site?

A: At USINMADE, we strive to simplify the process of patriotic spending. We provide a quality e-commerce experience for the stylish and conscious consumer. 

From a product standpoint, you will find clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes for women and men as well as some miscellaneous giftables. We are currently featuring over 300 great brands from 10 retail partners. Most of the mix is casual in nature. 

Personalized And Monogrammed Jewelry Sold On USINMADE
Jewelry sold on USINMADE. Image from USINMADE Instagram.

From an experience standpoint, you will find interesting facts and stats that we hope will inspire you to buy more American-made products. For example, did you know that ‘If we spent just 5% more on Made in USA products, we could create 1,000,000 jobs!’?

American Manufacturers Abide By Strict Regulations To Protect The Environment
Image from USINMADE Instagram.

C: I didn’t! But, that’s incredible info. Were you always such a conscious consumer?

A: No. I’ve worked in the industry for the whole of my career, but it wasn’t until I understood the manufacturing process that I realized the impact it had on the economy, workforce, and environment at large. When I started reading labels, I found there wasn’t an easy way to shop by this criteria online, which is why I created USINMADE. Once it became a part of my mindset, I had a hard time justifying purchases that did not have the label. I have 100% made the shift from buying quality over quantity and it feels great to have more meaning and intention behind what I buy.

C: That’s amazing! I’m the same way. When I read “Made In USA” on a tag, you know I’m snatching up that baby! What made you so passionate about American made goods? Is there a specific moment you can point to that made you rethink what you purchase? 

A: Yes. The inner alarm went off following the devastating 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, but I had begun thinking about it following the backlash Ralph Lauren received for manufacturing the 2012 U.S. Summer Olympic team uniforms in China. Not only did I realize that this was something people cared about, but it also began to weigh on my conscience that so many international garment workers were being subject to unjust and unsafe working conditions.

Every Garment Has A Story
Image from USINMADE Instagram.

C: So, what’s next for USINMADE?

A: USINMADE is focused on community outreach and connection, so thank you for reaching out! We are looking for partnerships and any opportunities to grow. I would also LOVE to work on product collaborations!!! Wherever you are, whoever you are, let’s do this! 

C: I wish you so much success! Thanks for teaching us all about your company and the importance of buying fashion made in the USA!

With a patriotic heart,



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