Thoughtfully Dress To Impress

Did you skip dinner with friends to prep for next day’s presentation? Have you spent hours tweaking your resume, cover letter and learning about the company where you scored an interview instead of binge watching, oh, let’s say, “Chelsea Does…”? You’re clearly a lady boss who’s ruling her world!


Doing the not-so-glamorous aspects for your career is important and, dare I say, fun! But, looking the part is also essential. When I step out, I make an effort to look MY best because it helps me feel MY best. We all have that dress, pair of shoes, lipstick shade, or jacket that makes us feel powerful. Though we have careers with dress codes to follow, I look at those dress codes as an opportunity to be creative by adding aspects of my character into my outfits.

For example, I LOVE patterns, so I opted for a tribal patterned blouse by Mata Traders in this featured business profesh look. BTW, there’s only one left on Mata Traders’ site! I’m obsessed with Mata Traders for a few reasons. First, they’re a Chicago-based company, which automatically upgrades their awesome factor. Second, its clothing and accessories are fair trade and made by artisans in India and Nepal.

I’m also a lover of color. When I spotted the vibrantly colored cuff by WorldFinds, I knew I NEEDED it. It’s even made from recycled sari material and fair trade! The WorldFinds cuff is out of stock, but it’ll be back in two weeks! In the meantime, click here for a similar and just as adorable style! The rest of the outfit includes a jacket and pair of pants by J. Crew. The J. Crew pants are out of stock, but click here for a similar style that’s on sale! The purse is by Rebecca Minkoff and is out of stock, but here’s a similar style! The shoes are by Manolo Blahnik.


With a lot of heart,


Photography by Alexanna Cox.



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