A Love Story: Dresses and Jeans

Dresses with tights? Totally.

Dresses with jeans? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?

No! Well, I don’t think so…

But, don’t knock it till you try it. I was inspired to rock this perfect partnership by the designers behind Mimu Maxi. These sister-in-laws and fashionistas make simple and chic dresses, skirts and blouses for the fashion lover who prefers dressing modestly. I stalk check out their Instagram daily for style inspiration. The dress and jeans look is one they wear flawlessly.

I love wearing dresses with jeans for many reason. First, it looks awesome- plain and simple. Second, the look can be dressed up and down. The look I’m wearing is perfect for a day running errands, a workplace with a lax dress code, or classes for you students out there. At night, swap in a silk dress, black skinny jeans, and pumps.

The dress I’m wearing is from Anthropologie and by Dolan Left Coast, which was made in the U.S.A! The jeans are by J Brand, which were made in the U.S. of imported fabric. The jacket is by Eileen Fisher, which is produced by workers being treated with compassion and with organic fibers and natural dyes. The beanie is by Krochet Kids, which is hand-signed by the person who made it in Northern Uganda! The ankle boots are by Free People and backpack is by Fjällräven.

With a lot of heart,


Photography by Alexanna Cox.



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