BonJOY to the World!

I’m going to be blunt. Sometimes, being a thoughtful consumer can be EXHAUSTING! The time, research, and effort that goes into finding companies that pay workers wages they and their families can survive on and manufacture using eco practices is not for those with little patience. I almost consider Whole Foods a library because of all the labels I read! But, when you find companies that fit the bill, you feel like you’ve won the lottery. You can now dress, pamper, or cook peacefully.

Thankfully, there’s one company that does the time-consuming research for you! BonJOY, the “little box of good,” finds companies that are making products with people and the planet in mind and then sends them in curated boxes to its subscribers. One of its founders, Julie Overby, was sweet enough to spend time answering my questions via email about her subscription based company and the perks of being a member. Check out what I learned. There’s even a surprise for you at the end!

Carly: So, what’s bonJOY? 

Julie: Well, specifically, we’re a subscription box. But we hope to be a lot more than that — a place where people can hear positive stories, discover brands who are doing the right thing for our world and the people in it, and get doused in a cheerful helping of joy! If you want to read more about how we do that and who we are, this recent blog post tells all… 

C: What inspired you to create this company?

J: Esther approached me with the concept in 2013 and we thought it would be a really fun way to help people discover fair trade brands. We had been sending each other our ethical finds back and forth and acknowledging that it took a lot of time to find good products, the kind of products that weren’t just pity purchases but that could really replace ones we used every day. Our friendship began while volunteering at a safe house in New England (Amirah: they have a really wonderful, community-oriented program for trafficking survivors), so the anti-trafficking cause was on our hearts and we thought that shipping out these little boxes of joy would be a great way to lend our abilities and interests to the cause.

C: What can customers expect from their subscriptions?

J: First of all, positive impact. We pay the full wholesale rate for everything we include because we want to make sure that the brands and organizations we’re featuring are actually supported and benefited by our partnership. Just as importantly, we want to promise a fresh curation of items that are not only beautiful, but useful too. We really promote the discovery factor and hope that people will use the box as a launching point for changing their buying habits down the road by purchasing from our partners and considering where the goods they use come from. There’s an ethical alternative to almost everything. And I don’t know about you, but I simply adore having products in my home that I can tell a story about! It makes things so meaningful.

Subscription Lifestyle Company bonJOY featured on Hippie and Heart!

C: Why should someone sign up for the bonJOY subscription over just going to a store and purchasing products to test out?

J: You should do that too! But not everyone has access to fair trade, ethical, do-good stores nearby and we’ve put a LOT of legwork into discovering these brands, making sure they’re doing all the right things, and then placing orders so we can ship them to your doorstep in one convenient box with consolidated shipping. It’s effortless! BTW, we recently became certified carbon-neutral through BLUEdot, and 90% of our packaging is 100% recycled material so we’re really trying to keep our footprint as a company minimal and responsible.

C: How does someone subscribe?

J: Just go to, click on “get the box” and choose your box of joy! We’ve got three core offerings: a seasonal box ($45) that’s more of an elevated experience, the monthly experience ($35) that’s all about discovery to the max, and the bitty bundle ($20) which makes an amazing gift or trial. We’re working on a couple special collaborations for later in the year, so keep an eye on our store (and be sure to sign up for our infrequent emails) so you can get the first word on those. 

C: What’s behind the name? It sounds so cute!

J: Hey thanks! bon = good, which means we’re all about “good JOY!” We wanted something cute with a spirit of fun. Joy is really important for us to promote since we want to tell the story about the positive impact we can have as consumers and the incredible, hopeful work being done on behalf of survivors and those who need a lift in life. You can read more about our core values here. 

C: Can you give me ANY juicy details about what’s inside the upcoming spring box? The suspense is killing me!

J: Hehe, nope! But I can give you our concept statement: “We welcome spring with open arms! Things are looking light + bright, with a nod toward Pantone’s colors of the year. We’re wanting to freshen up, move gracefully, and add a hint of shimmer to emphasize our healthy glow.” Good enough for ya? /wink You should definitely order soon — orders close on Feb. 29 to get your spring seasonal and March monthly boxes! 

C: Sign me up!

P.S. Remember that surprise I talked about earlier? Enter code HIPPIEANDHEART during checkout to receive $2 off any BonJOY purchase over $30! 


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