Bad Romance

Bad Romance

Thank you Chicago for the cooler weather because I was able wear my brand spankin’ new jean jacket from Urban Outfitters. This jean jacket is from the Urban Renewal line of Urban Outfitters that uses vintage items and surplus materials to create new pieces in Philadelphia.


To balance the edginess of the vintage jean jacket, I paired it with a feminine skirt by Eva Franco. Eva Franco is based in L.A. where the company also manufactures.


The beautifully handcrafted necklace is by Sandpiper Imports. According to a sales associate at Greenheart Shop, the necklace was created for expecting and new mothers. An expecting mother can wear the necklace with a longer necklace to allow the jingling charms inside to soothe her unborn child. Or, she can wear the necklace alone to comfort her baby in her arms.


Now, back to Sandpiper Imports. It’s a very cool company that employs a small group of artisans in Bali, Indonesia. The company even makes pieces that are designed by the artisans. And, as a member of the Fair Trade Federation, it observes the nine principles that ensure ethical manufacturing and business practices.


It looks like ethical fashion can be edgy and sweet!

Jacket by Urban Outfitters. Shirt by TNA. Skirt by Eva Franco. Shoes by BP. Necklace by Sandpiper Imports.

Photography by Alexanna Cox


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