Clutter Cure

Clutter Cure

Summer is coming to an end, and fall is on its way! When one season is ending and another is about to begin, it’s a perfect time for me to evaluate the clothes I have in my closet. Soon, I’ll be donating summer clothes I know I won’t wear again and clothes for fall I know I won’t touch. Then, I’ll have enough room to restock on adorable ethically-made clothes that I’ll never stop wearing! Reformation has made this process easy peasy by creating RefRecycling.

Upon receiving your new shipment of chic ethically-made clothes by Reformation, the company will include a free RefRecycling shipping label. Just stuff the shipment box with the clothes you no longer want, send it off, and Reformation will take care of everything else. You’ll know your donation is making a positive impact because you’ll be able to track the old clothes to see where they go!


Happy decluttering and donating!



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