Love and Lollapalooza

Love and Lollapalooza


I’m so psyched because Lollapalooza is only three days away! One performer I’m excited to see is kind of a big deal. He’s been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, was one of four members of an icon rock group, and has a daughter with a chic, ethical fashion label. Can you guess who I’m talking about? It’s Sir freakin’ Paul McCartney!!!

When I saw the “Love Is All We Need” shirt at CorePower Yoga, I NEEEEEEDED to have it since it reminded me of the song “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles. Graphic tees with inspiring messages on them are a favorite of mine because whenever I see someone wearing one, I become inspired. The shirt by Spiritual Gangster was made in the U.S. From every item sold, Spiritual Gangster donates its proceeds to help provide meals to individuals in need. In addition, they donate to other national and international charities. Click here to learn more about the charities Spiritual Gangster supports.


My decision to purchase ethical fashion has been bliss and anxiety-inducing. It feels wonderful to wear beautiful clothing made by artisans. However, I also felt like I could no longer shmy around in my favorite stores because I wouldn’t be able to find something that aligned with my new moral obligation. I didn’t want my decision to purchase ethical fashion to ruin the fun in shopping. So, I visited one of my favorite stores CUSP. There I found this grecian-insired, asymmetrical skirt by Helmut Lang. I was ecstatic to see that the label read, “Made in USA.” Sold!

A few months ago, and unbeknownst to me, I was entered into a sweepstake created by ethical fashion brand Raven and Lily because of a recent purchase I had made on the company’s online store. I won! The winnings included an adorable clutch, three bangles, a pair of earrings, a journal, and soap. Featured in this post are the clutch, a pair of bangles, and earrings. It looks like buying ethically-made fashion pays off!

Prize from Raven and Lily sweepstake
Prize from Raven and Lily sweepstake


Now, time to start planning my Lollapalooza outfits!

Peace and love,


Shirt by Spiritual Gangster; skirt by Helmut Lang; shoes by TOMS; earrings, bracelets, and bag by Raven and Lily

Photography by Alexanna Cox

Image from Huffington Post
Image from Huffington Post

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