Of Monsters and Fashion

Of Monsters and Fashion

Summer is kinda, sorta in swing here in Chicago. One day it’s sunny and in the 80s, and then, the next day it’s raining and in the 60s.

What better way to celebrate the beautiful weather we’re occasionally having than by wearing a shirt with a sun on it? What’s more? The shirt by Sol Angeles was designed and made in L.A.

One summer purchase of mine has been an adorable straw tote from Anthropologie that was handmade, dip-dyed and naturally tanned in small batches by Balinese artisans. I don’t usually purchase purses that can’t be worn either over the shoulder or across the body, but I thought it was about time to expand the bag selection in my closet. Plus, the natural aroma of the straw is extremely potent that I almost love smelling the darn bag as much as I love wearing it.

He’s playing hard to get.

I’m a lover of patterns. The Sam&Lavi patterned shorts are perfect for day and night. The athletic inspired shorts, which were designed and made in the U.S., can go perfect with a pair of sneakers or a pair of stellar nude pumps.

Sneakers have a way of making me feel instantly relaxed and chic, especially my Pineappleade Gold sneakers by BucketFeet. The Chicago-based company partners with over 20,000 artists from 100 countries to design pretty awesome prints for BucketFeet merchandise.

Now, back to soaking up the sun while I can!

Peace & love,


Shirt by Sol Angeles, shorts by Sam&Lavi, shoes by BucketFeet, purse from Anthropologie, and watch by Shinola.

Photography by Alexanna Cox


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