Haute Hockey

Haute Hockey


The Blackhawks are my favorite Chicago sports team. I grew up watching my brothers play hockey, so the sport has a special place in my heart. Since my Chicago Blackhawks are killing it in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I thought I should honor my beloved hockey team through my other love, fashion.

While I was shopping for a hockey jersey at the Blackhawks Store, I came across an adorable sweater by Peace Love World. While shopping, I’m addicted to looking at the tags of clothes to see where they were made. I was ecstatic to find that the PLW Blackhawks sweater was manufactured in the USA. I love everything about this sweater. On the hood of the sweater, as well on every PLW garment, you’ll find the quote, “Love is not something you look for… Love is something you become!” I love wearing clothes that remind me of the person I want to be.

The white t-shirt, which made the perfect backdrop for my necklaces, is by Stateside. Can you guess where the t-shirt was made? I’ll give you a hint: USA, USA, USA!

The gold key necklace is by Jennifer Montana Design and engraved with the word “Love.” I bought my mom the same necklace for Mother’s Day last year. What’s so special about JMD necklaces, besides the fact they’re so darn cute, is that the company hires individuals of low-income to create the beautiful and meaningful necklaces. You can learn more about the company by clicking here.

The other necklace with tribal inspired bead work and engraved arrow heads is by Mishakaudi Jewelry and from one of my favorite stores in Chicago, Planet Access Company. Every Mishakaudi necklace and earring is handcrafted in Spokane Valley, Wash.

The turquoise and orange roll-on bracelets are by Aid Through Trade. The Fair Trade hand-crocheted bracelets are created by artisans in Nepal. On a side note, I’m sending my prayers to those affected by the horrific earthquake that recently hit Nepal.





Hopefully, we’ll be hearing a lot of this while the Blackhawks play against the Minnesota Wild!



Sweater by Peace Love World; Shirt by Stateside; Jeans by Madewell; Boots by Minnetonka; Key necklace by Jennifer Montana Design; Tribal-inspired necklace by Mishakaudi Jewelry; Roll-on bracelets by Aid Through Trade; and watch by Shinola

Photographs by Melanie Principe


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